Tuesday, April 1, 2014

1 of 30: "Poetry" by Monica Ferrell

In celebration of National Poetry Month, I'd like to handpick some of my favorite poems and share them here. First, the contemplative sonnet "Poetry" by Monica Ferrell:
There is nothing beautiful here
However I may want it. I can’t
Spin a crystal palace of this thin air,
Weave a darkness plush as molefur with my tongue
However I want. Yet I am not alone
In these alleys of vowels, which comfort me
As the single living nun of a convent
Is comforted by the walls of that catacomb
She walks at night, lit by her own moving candle.
I am not afraid of mirrors or the future
—Or even you, lovers, wandering cow-fat
And rutting in the gardens of this earthly verge
Where I too trod, a sunspot, parasol-shaded,
Kin to the trees, the bees, the color green.
1 of 30. Happy April!