Tuesday, April 21, 2015

21 of 30: "If the world becomes so bright" by Keith Taylor

As Keith Taylor, a great poet and my dear friend, is reading this evening at Sweetwaters Cafe on West Washington Street, I'd like to share the following poem from the "Conditions" section of his book, If the World Becomes So Bright (Wayne State University Press, 2009).

If the world becomes so bright
            we can't see the stars,
will they become stories
                         like mythical wars
                                      or old gods?
            Or will we—
                                      all of us,
            the whole world—
                         plan festivals—
say, six hours long,
            on the sixth new moon
of each bright year—
                         when we turn off
            all our lights—
                         every single bulb—
and dance quietly
            beneath temporary stars?

21 of 30. Happy National Poetry Month!